A is for Anxiety

Panic. Absolute fear. The most uncomfortable feeling, shortness of breath, I can’t think, my face is hot, everything feels tight, I feel sick, I can’t see, I’m dizzy, noises are so loud and I want to cry, and hide in my bed in a dark room. I can’t stop shaking. I can’t pull myself out of it. My heart races, my breathing is erratic. I feel so alone, so afraid, I can’t get the feeling to go away, I can’t make it stop. No matter how hard I try it doesn’t stop. I want everyone to go away, I need space, I need nothing, I need quiet. It won’t subside. Its like an energy surge, a rage, a constant tidal wave, an ebbing and flowing and then a crashing, and again and again. Eventually the storm breaks for a brief moment. Peace, relief, exhaustion. Quiet.